We help you to heal and develop the skills to live a vibrant life with purpose and meaning.

Help in the Home Clinical Services (HITHCS) is a trusted therapeutic team of licensed clinicians dedicated to providing psychotherapy and related mental health management services.  We believe that you deserve seamlessly coordinated care and practitioners that work in sync with each other in support of your goals.

Navigating each day can be challenging.

People deserve to work with a provider who gets them. Our therapists work collaboratively, are flexible, and truly meet our clients where they are- in their homes, communities and by adjusting the focus of a session, based on the client's needs in the moment.

We prioritize a holistic approach to care.

Our team of therapists truly meet you where you are. Whether that’s working with you in your home or in the community- we focus on building skills, increasing tolerance, and improving your overall wellbeing, as well as providing support for your family.

Three steps to get started:

Schedule your

15 minute phone

Schedule your

initial intake

or telehealth)


ongoing sessions

Therapists equipped to support
a variety of mental health needs,
including severe mental illness
and neurodiverse client care.

HITHCS is a team of mission-driven, licensed therapists who are committed to working with our clients as long as they need the support.

We are in it for the long haul, while also focusing on building skills and improving our clients’ overall wellbeing. We adjust our approach as your needs change.